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Factories of Stories

Factories of Stories

Story telling at the Uffizi Galleries

Twelve Uffizi’s masterpieces narrated in audio-tracks offer the public an unusual vision of the works, along with the museum as an inexhaustible “workshop” of stories.

The storytellers of Factories of Stories are museum operators and foreigners living in Italy who have intertwined their experience with the history of the works, giving them new meanings and connotations. Their intense and evocative stories reveal knowledge and emotions, as well as individual and collective experiences about universal themes like family, friendship, prayer and travel.

You can listen the stories in Italian and in their original language (Arabic, Farsi, Mandarin, French and Spanish) from home or during the museum visit with any mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and earphones.

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1 Gentile da Fabriano, Adoration of the Magi



2 Beato Angelico (attr.), Thebaid



3 Masolino and Masaccio, Saint Anne, Madonna and Child, five angels (called ‘Sant'Anna Metterza’)



4 Botticelli, Annunciation



5 Botticelli, Annunciation and Christ in Pietà



6 Botticelli, Spring



7 Botticelli, Pallas and the Centaur



Giovanni Bellini, Holy Allegory



9 Camillo Boccaccino, Portrait of an Old Man



10 Domenico Ghirlandaio, Adoration of the Magi



11 Piero di Cosimo, Perseus frees Andromeda



12 Luca Signorelli, Holy Family



A project of the Cultural Mediation and Accessibility Unit

Curated by Simona Bodo and Maria Grazia Panigada

Texts: Mohammad Aletaha, Silvia Barlacchi, Fabiana Bianchini, Lina Callupe, Eliana Caputo, Viviana Fanizza, Magdy Hassan, Zeinab Kabil, Diana Kong, Samira Lahhane, Kuassi Sessou, Sofia Sessou, Maria Spanò.
Voices: Giacomo Armaroli, Marco Baliani, Micaela Casalboni, Lella Costa, Laura Curino, Lucilla Giagnoni, Giulia Lazzarini, Marco Martinelli, Ermanna Montanari, Maria Paiato, Marco Paolini, Ottavia Piccolo, Paola Roscioli, Arianna Scommegna


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