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Uffizi Galleries Social Media Policy


The Uffizi Galleries use social channels as a strategic communication tool integrated with the website www.uffizi.it to enhance the heritage of the museum collections and the cultural and educational offerings, promote their image and identity, and create engagement and participation actions with the community and other institutions to foster a modern and inclusive museum experience.

How these channels are managed and moderated with users are defined here.


The Uffizi Galleries have an official presence under the name UffiziGalleries on Instagram, Facebook, X and TikTok platforms; and UffiziTV channel on YouTube platform.

The contents posted on social media are produced by the Digital Strategies Area of the Uffizi Galleries for Instagram, Facebook, X and UffiziTV, by the Director’s Secretary for TikTok, unless otherwise indicated.

The intellectual property rights of all contents (texts, photos, videos and other multimedia products) belong to the Uffizi Galleries and their original authors. Users are allowed to share, comment and use said contents in compliance with the terms of service of each social channel and by compulsorily mentioning @uffizigalleries and the author if explicit. Any other use and reproduction is prohibited without further specific authorization from the Uffizi Galleries.

Rules of behavior for users

The Uffizi Galleries intend the social channels as an open and democratic space on which everyone's active participation is encouraged, without any prior censorship. However, users are invited to express their opinions with fairness, respect for the opinions of others and consistent with the specific topic of each discussion. Each user, with their own comments and posts, is directly and exclusively responsible for what s/he publishes and the opinions he or she expresses.

Comments and posts that violate the conditions set forth herein will be removed. The social channels of the Uffizi Galleries cannot absolutely be used to post offenses, turpitude, threats or behaviors that are discriminatory or harmful to the dignity of people, whether or not present at the discussion, institutions, bodies, associations, companies and those who manage and moderate the social channels, the rights of minorities and minors, principles of freedom and equality. In particular, the following interests are not accepted:

- contents that promote, encourage, or perpetuate discrimination on the basis of sex, race, language, religion, political opinion, creed, age, marital status, nationality, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation;

- offences, vulgarity, threats and generally violent behaviors, sexual content or links to sexual contents;

- any form of solicitation, encouragement or advertisement of private interests or illegal or sexual activities, both explicit and allusive;

- contents that infringe copyrights and trademarks without permission;

- contents that infringe people's privacy;

- information that could compromise the security of public systems.

All users must in all cases comply with the terms of service of the social networks where the Uffizi Galleries are officially on.



Social channels and related direct messaging applications are usually monitored during office hours. The Uffizi Galleries are committed to reading messages and answering to any question as quickly as possible. However, response times may vary depending on the type of question and the time needed to find the information requested. The Galleries' social team reserves the right to put the user in touch with the appropriate office when necessary.

The languages used by the social media team are Italian and English.

In addition to the not allowed contents and comments listed above, the following are also deterred and otherwise subject to moderation:

-  comments not consistent with the topic posted or subject of discussion (off topic);

-  comments and posts written to disrupt discussions or offend those who manage and moderate social channels;

-  repeatedly inserted interventions.

The Uffizi Galleries social team removes any content that is considered in violation of this Social Media Policy or any applicable law, reserving the right to use the ban or block tool to prevent further actions or even report the user to the platforms managers and possibly to law enforcement. The possible presence of advertising spaces on the Uffizi Galleries’ social media channels is not monitored by them, but managed indipendetely by the social networks.


Please note that the processing of users' personal data responds to the social media channles policies in use (Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) that each user accepts at the time of their registration and in each case of use. Sensitive data posted in public comments or posts within the social channels of the Uffizi Galleries are removed (see section "Rules of behavior for users"). Data shared by users through private messages sent directly to the Uffizi Galleries channels are treated in compliance with current Italian privacy law.


Users can address their reports to: uffizisocial@cultura.gov.it .


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