The Strength of Ariadne. Performance of shadow puppetry and live music for “The Sleeping Ariadne”

Ironic and poetic performance bringing “light” to the myth of the sleeping Ariadne, abandoned by Theseus on the beach of Naxos. The story is revived through the technique of shadow play: SilviOmbre’s fingers and hands move in a circle of light to create characters acting on the wall. Made from simple materials, small shapes create landscapes, light effects and colourful reflections. Images are accompanied by Giovannangelo De Gennaro’s voice and traditional musical instruments, in an evocative performance that alternates songs, lullabies and refrains. Few words, but many shapes and tunes, based on the archetypal game of telling stories through shadow puppetry.

A fascinating experience for people of all ages and provenances, to conclude exceptionally the Uffizi Live 2018 festival in the Vasari Auditorium, where the magnificent sculpture of “The Sleeping Ariadne” is preserved.



3 repeat performances starting at 7:10pm, 7:50pm and 8:40pm.

Vasari Auditorium (ground floor) – Uffizi

Free admission with entrance from the Western Loggia.