D’MES. Contemporary dance performance inspired by “Pallas and the Centaur” by Botticelli.

Reason on one side and instinct on the other; two bodies on stage, one single breath.

Woman: a contemporary Minerva, custodian of knowledge, winner over all bestial impulses.

Man: Centaur, allegory of the innate human dualism: instinct or knowledge?

A topical dichotomy in this era in which man has difficulty to find his place in the world, while two opposed souls join together to defend all the principles raising mankind to the divine dimension. Brutality and lust succumb to a pure and triumphant chastity.

Emotions, souvenirs, feelings are the only way to attain the precarious balance between instinct and reason, the latter one prevailing over restrained passions gloriously.


Artistic director: Cristina Golin – Dancers: Federica Francese, Daniele Salvitto

In collaboration with Interplay (international contemporary dance festival dedicated to young generations).



Rooms of Botticelli (10-14)

From 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm