Oreb - Solo sax with reverb effect for prayers and meditations on the divinity of the Virgins with Child enthroned in Medieval altarpieces.

Oreb is another name to designate the Mount Sinai, where Moses experienced several theophanies and a dialogue translated in words of fire for all the humanity: the Ten Commandments. But Oreb is also the mountain that the prophet Elijah headed for traversing the desert in search of purification and where he heard the silent voice of God. The Lord was not in wind, earthquake, fire, but in the “sound of a gentle breeze”, a barely audible whisper. It is this quality of silence that the solo sax played by Dimitri Grechi Espinosa will emanate: a silent space to create inside oneself before talking to the Other/others. Through echoes and acoustic effects, his musical prayers will contribute to bring music back to its original function of “dialogue” with the Sacred, without distinctions of faiths and cultures, in order to gain awareness of oneself and others by realizing the Unity that holds the cosmic order together



Uffizi, Room of The Maestà (2)

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