“I’ve just stopped thinking!” Short story of aware feet

An astonishing performance of physical theatre and metaphysical illusion both for adults and children which will offer unexpected perspectives on the world through an unusual feet technique. Monsieur David has stopped “using” his head, not because he denies its role, but just because only by detaching from rationality he can leave room for fancy and imagination, namely for new viewpoints, in order to rule his own life. An invitation to turn ourselves upside down and let our creativity to flow easily and produce the art of life through our inventiveness, as precursors of an innovative activity which can give our existence a divine dimension.


Recorded voices: Federica Gumina and Walter Zanardi

Music editing by Sandra Graniti

Mask: Janine Claudia Nizza



Room of Niobe (n.42 third Corridor) 

Entry with the ticket of the Uffizi