Painting's Soul Voices: Music with a Movie Camera

Experimental acoustic and electronic music through the use of video camera and sound flows deriving from the paintings’ spectrum of colours.

This site-specific performance by the Kuku trio aims at providing a deeper insight into the relationship between sound and colour and expressing their interaction, in order to establish a dialogue between digital sound and Renaissance painting by exploiting some masterpieces on display in the room. In fact, the colour spectrum of the Doni Tondo by Michelangelo and the portraits of Agnolo and Maddalena Doni by Raphael will be scanned and converted into sounds, starting from which the musicians will improvise original compositions. An experimental research, indeed, to explore a common ground between visual and acoustic perceptions, a third sensorial dimension where observation and hearing combine together in a mutual amplification.


Sara Montagni: voice, flute and sensors

Martino Rappelli: guitar

Tommaso Rosati: live electronics




Room of Michelangelo e Raphael (41)

Entry with the ticket of the Uffizi