Set of unusual percussions: objects, natural things and instruments in dialogue with “The Spring” by Botticelli

Drawing inspiration from works by Sandro Botticelli as to subjects, impressions and natural scenes, Zlatko Kaučič, percussionist and drummer from Slovenia, will execute an original “solo ground drums”. Acclaimed by international press as “the shaman of percussions”, the artist will perform in a set of creative music, namely by improvising during the execution, and will offer a unique musical experience thanks to his peculiar instruments arranged around him on the ground and always connected to Nature. Through such moving and sensorial event, Botticelli’s world will enter into the contemporary dimension, in the “here and now” in relation to the musician and his public, so as to build bridges among different arts, between past and present and strengthen the relationship between Man and Nature.




Rooms of Botticelli (10-14)

Entry with the ticket of the Uffizi