Human dramaturgies

Musical compositions for female voice and live electronics written for three paintings by Caravaggio

Each composition gives voice to the protagonists of the paintings and their inner worlds, emphasizing their human sides and reinterpreting them from a contemporary point of view: Medusa (Shield with the Head of Medusa), Bacchus, Isaac (Sacrifice of Isaac).

Francesca Della Monica’s voice brings life to the paintings and the human experience of their subjects in relationship with their symbolic meanings: Medusa, Bacchus, Isaac, characters of a “sound theatre” where the human side takes shape in order to compare itself with artistic metaphysics. What suffering and what dramaturgy did the life of Medusa go through before becoming symbol? Is the eternal youth of Bacchus an invitation to indulge in pleasure, an offer of eternal life through wine? What is the dilemma between being a man or an executioner in the story of Isaac? Soul and blood of Caravaggio.


Compositions and live electronics: Gabriele Marangoni

Soprano : Francesca Della Monica

Producer : Giulia Soravia




Uffizi, first floor, Rooms of Caravaggio

Entry with the ticket of the Uffizi

7pm – 9pm