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Portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte

Sèvres Manufactory

Allegories of the Seasons (Spring, Summer, Winter)

Vienna Porcelain Manufactory

The School of Bears

Naples Royal Porcelain Manufactory

Table and dessert service of Grand Duke Leopold II

Vienna Porcelain Manufactory

Entrée and dessert service of the Grand Duchess Elisa Baciocchi

Manufactory of Sèvres

Bust of Napoleon I Bonaparte

Manufacture of Sèvres

The Centaur Chiron and Achilles

Filippo Tagliolini and Real Fabbrica Ferdinandea

The Rape of Europa

Anton Grassi or Josef Dangel and Imperial Porcelain Manufactory, Vienna

Love Offering

Anton Grassi and Imperial Porcelain Manufactory, Vienna

Teapot in the shape of a fantasy animal

Manufactory in Meissen

Tête-a-tête with Etruscan-style decoration

Real Fabbrica Ferdinandea, Naples

Statuettes depicting Orientals

Ginori Factory, Doccia

Broth cup with saucer

Ginori Factory, Doccia

Tea set

Dagoty Factory, Ginori Factory, Doccia (restocking)

Pair of spindle-shaped vases

Sèvres Factory

Monumental vase

Sèvres Factory

Dishes for dessert set

Dagoty Factory, Paris; Ginori Factory, Doccia (restocking)

Two-handled vase with lid

Imperial Porcelain Manufactory, Vienna

Coffee tête-à-tête with ML monogramming

Imperial Porcelain Manufactory, Vienna; Ginori Manufactory, Doccia (restocking)

Têtê-à- têtê breakfast service

Leopold Lieb and Imperial Porcelain Manufactory, Vienna

Solitaire breakfast service

Imperial Porcelain Manufactory, Vienna

Flower vase

Sèvres Manufactory

Pair of bleached vases

Nast Factory

Oval vase

Sèvres Factory

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