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Boboli Gardens

Boboli Gardens

Where Nature, Art, Science and Alchemy meet

Boboli Gardens

Directly behind Pitti Palace are the marvellous Boboli Gardens. The Medici family established the layout of the gardens, creating the Italian garden style that would become a model for many European courts. The vast green expanse with a regular layout is a real outdoor museum, populated by ancient and Renaissance statues. The Gardens are also adorned with grottos, the most important of which is the famous grotto realized by Bernardo Buontalenti, as well as large fountains, such as the Fountain of Neptune and the Fountain of the Ocean. The subsequent Habsburg-Lorraine and Savoy dynasties further developed the layout, extending the boundaries that flank the ancient city walls until Porta Romana. In the stunningly beautiful terraced area there is an 18th-century pavilion called the Kaffeehaus, a rare example of Rococo architecture in Tuscany, and the Lemon House built by Zanobi del Rosso between 1777 and 1778. The tour of Boboli Gardens complete the Pitti Palace visit of which it is an integral part, allowing the spirit of court life to be fully appreciated and the gardens to be enjoyed, which, although constantly updated, remain true to their original project.

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Opening Days

From Monday to Sunday

Opening Hours

8.15 am

Closing Hours

4.30 pm in January, February, November, December.

5.30 pm in March and October (with Standard Time)

6.30 pm in March (with Daylight Savings Time), April, May, September, October (with Daylight Savings Time).

7.10 pm June, July, August

Closing Days

First and last Monday of each month, 25 December

Extraordinary openings during the year 2024: 27 May, 3 and 24 June, 1 and 29 July


- Access to the Boboli Gardens (and possible exit) is possible not only from the Pitti Palace and the Annalena entrance in Via Romana, but also from the gates of Forte di Belvedere and Porta Romana.

- The Porcelain Museum remains closed for refurbishment works until further notice.

- The last admission to the Boboli Gardens is always an hour before the closing time.

- The Gardens can be subject to temporary closures or changes of the opening hours due to weather emergencies which could injure persons and damage things.

Single ticket

Single ticket for the Boboli Gardens.
Free admission to the Garden of Villa Bardini with the ticket of the Boboli Gardens.

Details and timetable



Combined Pitti + Boboli (single price)


Entrance reservation

How it works


PassePartout 5 Days

Single ticket for 5 consecutive days for Uffizi, Pitti Palace and the Boboli Gardens.
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Annual pass

Unlimited priority admission to the Boboli Gardens, valid 1 year starting from the date chosen by the visitor at the time of the pass issue.
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Single price

  • Accessibility

    Two entrances are accessible: one is from Pitti Square, from the left side of the courtyard; the other one from Porta Romana Square. The Garden is accessible only with an accompanying person. The soil is predominantly made up of clay and gravel and is almost completely sloping, with climbs and descents. The Porcelain Museum is not accessible.

  • WC

    At the Annalena entrance (Via Romana); near the Amphitheatre; in the Porcelain Museum; near the Garden of the "Hair Washer" Statue. On the left side of the Amphitheatre, on the first terrace a toilet accessible through a stairlift (for the use of which it is necessary to ask the staff).

  • Drinking fountain

    Drinking fountains are located near the Garden of Madama, the Knight's Garden, the Grotto of Adam and Eve, the Meadow of the Columns (see the exact location on the map). Yet, given the remarkable dimensions of the Gardens, it is recommended to bring along water during the visit, in the summer or in particular hot days.

  • Bookshop

    In the courtyard of Pitti Palace.

  • Baby pit-stop

    Dedicated room for breastfeeding, change and relax in the basement, inside the toilet near the Amphitheatre.

  • Cloakroom

    Free. On the right side of the Ammannati Court.

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