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Boboli Gardens. Rules of Conduct

The Boboli Gardens are an open-air museum and their fragile historical, artistic, architectural, plant and animal heritage requires immense care and attention. Visitor cooperation plays an absolutely crucial role in helping to ensure that it is maintained in good order

Access to the Boboli Gardens (and possible exit) is possible not only from the Pitti Palace and the Annalena entrance in Via Romana, but also from the gates of Forte di Belvedere and Porta Romana.

With this in mind, we would kindly ask you to REFRAIN FROM:

- spoiling or damaging the garden’s sculpture, architecture or outdoor furniture, fixtures and fittings;

- treading on the grass wherever you see a “Keep Off The Grass” sign or a barrier preventing access;

- picking flowers or fruit, climbing on the trees or swinging on branches;

- bringing Nordic walking poles, bicycles, skate boards, electric scooter, roller blades or any form of motorised transport into the gardens. 

- visitors are allowed to enter with bicycle helmets, motorbike helmets are not permitted.

- bringing dogs or animals into the gardens even on a lead or wearing a muzzle, with the exception of guide dogs for the blind,servicedogs assisting the disabled (which must be kept on a leash) and pets for medical/therapeutic reasons (pet therapy) with a certificate issued by doctors belonging to public health services. We kindly ask for advance notice of the presence of servicedogs and pet therapy animals by sending an e-mail to uffiziaccessibili@cultura.gov.it and attaching the relevant certification.

- throwing any kind of litter on the ground or anywhere other than in the bins provided;

- lighting fires, leaving lighted cigarettes lying around or behaving in any way likely to start a fire;

- capturing or bothering any of the resident fauna;

- feeding the animals;

- playing ball, digging holes, throwing stones, running around and disturbing other visitors or bathing in the fountains, baths, pools or ponds;

- making undue noise, ragging around or listening to music at a high volume;

- using microphones or any other audio amplification system;

- wearing inappropriate clothing or behaving in an undignified manner (for example, it is forbidden to wear swimsuits or revealing attire as well as wedding dresses, period costumes or any other fancy dress undignified for such a place);

- introduce drones and similar devices.

Groups should not exceed 28 people including accompanying persons and professonal guides. It is specified that not only is it not necessary to equipe yourselves with a "whisper system", but it is nonetheless forbidden for tourist guides or any other type of visitor to use speakers, microphones and any other audio amplification system inside the Gardens.

School groups access the Garden exclusively from the entrances of Annalena, Porta Romana and Forte Belvedere. To ensure that all visitors enjoy their visit, we would kindly ask adults and teachers to accompany and keep a close watch on children and school groups.

We should point out for visitors’ safety that the gardens may contain hazards due to their varying ground levels, such as uneven terrain or steps that are either worn with age and use or slippery due to moss, damp or rain. Do not remain under trees in case of strong winds because branches may fall off.
Also, please take care not to walk on grassy slopes, verges or step off paths. The Gardens' tall trees undergo permanent monitoring and stability testings, although residual risks are however possible. It is therefore recommended to pay close attention.

Please be aware that specific authorisation is required for photography and filming (whether for cinema or television) if it is for professional purposes or intended for publication (more info). Persons failing to comply with any of the above rules will be prosecuted in accordance with civil (and, where appropriate, criminal) law, and immediately expelled from the grounds.

Visitors should be prepared to show their tickets to members of the staff at any time during their visit.


The management declines all responsibility for harm or damage to persons or objects caused by failure to comply with the above rules and regulations.


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