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Garden of the Royal Stables. Rules of conduct

The garden of the Royal Stables is a piece of cultural heritage, where visitors are required to behave with respect for the decorum of the setting.


The following rules and regulations apply within the garden.

  • Vehicles may not enter or circulate within the garden unless authorised by the Uffizi Gallery. Admission to holders of parking permits for disabled people and authorised vehicles shall be through the gate in Via Madonna della Pace. All vehicles transiting inside the garden shall respect the Highway Code at all times.

  • Do not damage the architectural heritage, the plants,or the park furniture. Please also keep off the grass, using the paths to move around the garden.

  • Do not light fires or leave lit cigarettes lying around.

  • Do not act in a disorderly way or use speakers at high volume.

  • Dispose of wastepaper, cans and bottles in the bins provided. Do not leave litter lying around.

  • Do not stand under the trees in case of high winds or storms.

  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times outside the designated dog area. Dog owners must also pick up their pets’ waste and dispose of it in the bins provided.

  • Do not behave in any way that might put your own safety, or that of others, at risk.

  • Please dismount bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and other similar means and walk them through the garden.



The layout of the garden presentshazards due to its differing ground levels, uneven surfaces,stone elements (wells, drain covers, etc.), steps that may beworn, or slippery due to dampness or rain. The tall trees in the garden are monitored and checked for stability but still inevitablyharbour risks. Therefore, please pay close attention.

The Uffizi Gallery declines all liability for any harm or damage that may be caused to people and things resulting frombreach of these rules and these regulations.



7 am - 8 pm (from May to September)
7 am - 7 pm (from October to April)



Free admission (vehicles may not enter or circulate within the garden unless authorised by the Uffizi Gallery)

Piazzale di Porta Romana, 1

Via Madonna della Pace (service entrance)


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