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Request to film or photograph

Information concerning requests to film or photograph in the museums of the Uffizi Galleries


  • First of all the applicant has to send a written application via e-mail to the Rights and Reproductions Department ga-uff.permessi@cultura.gov.it by filling the related downloadable form in (see attached form). Then the Department submits the application to the Director who examines the feasibility of the project to grant the permission.

  • Filming and photographing is allowed only during the closing day to the public.

  • Filming and photographing is subject to the advance payment of a fee, which is estimated under the provisions of the Italian law (that is to say according to the article 108 of the Legislative Decree 42/2004).

  • The costs of the museums attendants, who usually follow a troupe or the TV crews during their work, are charged to the applicant.

  • The applicant must specify the total amount of hours necessary to film inside each museum, the number of the troupe members and the kind of technical equipment he intends to use.

  • The applicant has to be in possession of an indemnity insurance policy against possible damage to the property, to people or objects, whose limit of liability amounts at least to 2.000.000,00 euro. Moreover, the applicant has to send a copy of his insurance policy to the Rights and Reproductions Department.

  • The Rights and Reproductions Department informs the applicant about the amount of the fee, by sending him a written estimate with the instructions for the payment. It must be made only by bank transfer before the beginning of the film shooting.

  • Since filming and photographing is permitted just in the closing day of the museums and only by previous appointment, we recommend submitting the application at least one month before the expected date.

  • As for the authorisation for the temporary use of premises, please write to ga-uff.concessioni@beniculturali.it.

If the applicant is interested in several museums of the Uffizi Galleries, he has to submit a single application including the names of all the places, where he wants to film or photograph.


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