Performance by students from the Liceo Classico Michelangiolo of Florence

Ancient stories of abuse and friendship narrated by the statues of the Loggia dei Lanzi that, motionless and yet alive, have been witnessing the history of the city from a privileged position in Piazza della Signoria. From above, overwhelmed women, losers and winners, heroes and persecutors direct their glaze towards us.  

Made up of marble and bronze, the statues are still and mute but, over the centuries, they have transmitted the fundamental law of power to the Florentines, making clear the consequences of its use and its abuse.   

Some students from the Liceo Michelangiolo give their voices back to them for one evening and hand down the ancient message they have jealously preserved over time to us.



12.06.2019  |  ore 17.30  |  Loggia dei Lanzi

Three repeat performances (30 min. each)

Free entrance (subject to availability)

Project by:

Education Department – School and Youth Division

Liceo Classico Michelangiolo

Centro di Avviamento all’Espressione del Teatro della Toscana

Info: - 055 284272

Secondary School (15-19 yo)