To celebrate the 500th anniversary of the birth of Cosimo I de' Medici, the first Grand Duke of Florence, we have planned a "triptych" of events to be held in symbolic areas of the Uffizi Galleries.

Palazzo Pitti, which was purchased by Cosimo's consort Eleonora di Toledo in 1550, gradually became the grand ducal family's new residence and was immediately endowed with a vast garden, which soon became a model for emulation in every court in Europe. Probably the first sculpture made specifically for the Boboli Garden was the Peasant with a Barrel carved by Giovanni di Paolo Fancelli to a design by his master Baccio Bandinelli by 1557 at the latest. The sculpture was the first in what was to become an extremely popular tradition of statues on popular themes, many of which still adorn the paths in the garden to this day. The recently completed restoration is intended as tribute to the ducal couple and as an incentive to visitors to explore these areas so close to the heart of Cosimo and his family.

The exhibition is curated by Alessandra Griffo. 



Sala delle Nicchie

The exhibition is included in the admission ticket to the museums of Pitti Palace and has the same opening hours info