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Our Hypervisions focused on Cultural Mediation Projects

Our Hypervisions focused on Cultural Mediation Projects

Virtual exhibitions, where artworks open up to new readings, new points of view and interpretations

 Views from around the World

An "intercultural vision" of some masterpieces of the Uffizi Galleries

Narrates the meetings of different cultures at the Uffizi Galleries. Discloses feelings, thoughts and memories originated from the encounter between art and people of different cultures, suggesting singular perceptions, enriching the cultural heritage and promoting an intercultural exchange.


Factories of Stories

Twelve Uffizi’s masterpieces narrated in audio-tracks offer the public an unusual vision of the works, along with the museum as an inexhaustible “workshop” of stories. Click here to listen to the audio tracks.

On Being Present - vol. I
On Being Present - vol. II

Recovering Blackness in the Uffizi Galleries

On Being Present is a research project launched in February 2020 as a collaboration between Black History Month Florence and the Uffizi Galleries. It highlights the histories and historical context of the African figures present in a range of paintings throughout the Gallery of Statues and Paintings and Palatine Gallery.

The Newsletter of the Uffizi Galleries

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