"Festa dei Doni": a homage to the spouses portrayed by Raphael and who commissioned from Michelangelo the famous Doni Tondo.

On the occasion of the wedding anniversary of Agnolo Doni (1474-1539) and Maddalena Strozzi (1489-1540) celebrated in Florence on the 31st of January 1504, the Uffizi will commemorate the spouses portrayed by Raphael and who commissioned from Michelangelo the Holy Family known as Doni Tondo with a two-for-one ticket offer for the couples who will visit the Gallery on January 31, 2019.

Moreover, free focuses on the spouses' portraits and the Doni Tondo will be offered in Room 41, both in Italian and English, as per the following timetable (no reservation needed):

10am (Italian), 11am (English), 12pm (Italian), 2:30pm (Italian), 3:15pm (English), 4pm (Italian)

Lastly, at 5pm, the Vasari Auditorium will host a free conference (Italian) held by Dr. Marzia Faietti and entitled: "Raphael, the Doni spouses and the passion for portraits at the time of the Medici", with free admission subject to seat availability.


Read the description of the Portraits of the Doni spouses to know more about them!

Raffaello, ritratto di Agnolo Doni, 1504-1507Raffaello, ritratto di Maddalena Strozzi, 1504-1507Maestro di Serumido, 1504-07, Il diluvio, recto del Ritratto di Agnolo DoniMaestro di Serumido, Deucalione e Pirra, 1504-1507, recto del Ritratto di Maddalena Strozziparticolare del Tondo Doni, eseguito da Michelangelo per Agnolo Doni nel 1506


31 January 2019


Two-for-one ticket offer: couples pay only one ticket for two persons.

The event has the same opening hours of the Uffizi. info


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