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Concerts | From 25/11/2019 to 29/11/2019

New edition of music Festival “From Florence to Europe”

New edition of music Festival “From Florence to Europe”

From 26th to 30th November - White Hall, Pitti Palace

Music Festival "From Florence to Europe” young musicians at Pitti Palace. The most famous pieces of the classical chamber tradition, from Paganini’s violin virtuosity up to the more nuanced impressionistic styles of the late ni-neteenth century French authors; some of the best young Italian musicians, framed by the White Hall and Pitti Palace, with their rich history and beauty that has inspired writers, artists and ordinary men: there could be no better elements to greet the new edition of the Festival “From Florence to Europe”, which returns to bring life to the White Hall with some of the cornerstones of European musical culture with the eight concerts that see young talents supported by the Musica con le Ali Association performing alongside establi-shed performers.Every year, this Festival promotes the communion of music and cultural he-ritage masterpieces, in a combination that contributes to mutually enhan-cing the various arts. It is part of the multi-year collaboration between the Musica con le Ali Association and the Uffizi Galleries, designed to give a wide audience the chance to enjoy an unforgettable experience in one of the most famous art venues in the world. At the same time, it intends to offer a concrete opportunity for visibility and professional growth for the musicians supported by the Association, who have the opportunity to perform in a pre-stigious event. The Festival is made even more significant by the contribution offered by famous and established musicians, who showed great sensitivity by accepting Musica con le Ali’s proposal. We established this Festival to celebrate a cultural heritage that is uni-que in the world, the value of classical music as a tool for personal and collective growth and the talent of the musicians who make it come alive. We think there is another value to remember and to celebrate: that of colla-boration, which makes it possible to achieve ever more beautiful and ever greater results.

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