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Exhibitions | From 27/11/2017 to 29/11/2017

" I hate the indifferent" - Artistic, cultural and educational journey through schools and the territory in the footsteps of Antonio Gramsci

" I hate the indifferent" - Artistic, cultural and educational journey through schools and the territory in the footsteps of Antonio Gramsci

A digital exhibition of the manuscripts of the 33 prison notebooks, produced by the Gramsci Foundation.

The digital version of the manuscripts of the 33 prison notebooks, created by the Gramsci Foundation and accompanied by explanatory panels on the life and works of Antonio Gramsci, will offer visitors the chance to browse through and enlarge the pages of the manuscripts using touch screens. The images of the volumes with the various prison markings (matriculation number, stamps, authorisations, etc.) will be displayed on the screens, accompanied by brief opinions by Gramsci taken from the Notebooks and Letters from prison. At the former Church of San Pier Scheraggio, it will be possible to admire Gramsci's particular handwriting, which, although very small, is easy to read thanks to its regularity and the absence of second thought signs; it will be possible to compare the notes of the first drafts - crossed out by the author, but always readable - with those copied and reworked in the notebooks in which he wanted to deal extensively with specific topics: the thought of Niccolò Machiavelli, the philosophy of Benedetto Croce, the Italian Risorgimento, Americanism and Fordism, folklore, literary criticism, journalism, the history and function of Italian intellectuals.


The exhibition route

The exhibition is part of a complex project to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Antonio Gramsci's death. It will take place between 27th November 2017 and the end of January 2018 by creating an artistic, cultural and educational itinerary marked by the anthropometric footprints of Gramsci himself placed on the pavements of the historic centre of Florence. The itinerary, entitled "On Gramsci's Footsteps", has been curated by Luca Paulesu and is promoted by the Tuscan Gramsci Institute in collaboration with the Chamber of Labour of the Province of Florence and the Florence TerzaPrattica Association. It will take place between the National Central Library and the Uffizi Galleries, passing through the Metropolitan Chamber of Labour, sites with a high symbolic value where installations focusing on the figure and works of Antonio Gramsci have been created.

Alongside the exhibition on the Prison Notebooks at the Uffizi Galleries, the National Central Library of Florence is proposing a show entitled "Antonio Gramsci in the National Library 1977-2017": an exhibition about the exhibition (BNCF 28 November-31 December 2017), which will feature, together with several panels dedicated to the historical show of 1977-1978 organised by the Library in cooperation with the Municipality of Florence and the Tuscan Gramsci Institute, a selection of books and objects from Gramsci's family itself, made available by the curator Luca Paulesu, Gramsci's great-grandson. Also in this case, admission to the exhibition is free.

In the period from 27th November 2017 to 31st January 2018, the Metropolitan Chamber of Labour will be involved in a variety of exhibitions and initiatives, which will alternate and increase in number to complement the usual activities of the Chamber and, for the occasion, will be open to the public and students from the metropolitan area.


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