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Shows | 11/06/2018

Gabin Dabiré

Gabin Dabiré

Black Tunes: A Musical Metamorphosis

A live performance aiming at filling with music the dreamscape created by the pictorial composition of the “Liberation of Andromeda” by Piero di Cosimo. Here the painter’s taste for exoticism is expressed through the masterful depiction of a black man between two musicians playing imaginary string instruments.

Inspired by Ovid’s “Metamorphoses”, this painting is particularly full of allusions and symbolic elements which arouse an unusual musical reflection about modern society’s “metamorphoses”, starting from the presence of a black freedman who takes part actively into the liberation of the mythological figure of Andromeda from the monster (the mischievous intolerance).

The artist will sing original tracks in different languages with the accompaniment of a guitar and other traditional African instruments.

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