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Exhibitions | From 03/07/2023 to 16/09/2023

Pecunia non olet. Bankers in Ancient Rome

Pecunia non olet. Bankers in Ancient Rome

New exhibition at the Uffizi: money in the ancient Rome

Money, a medium of exchange, a symbol of power and prosperity, with all the professions that gravitated around it, is the central theme of the Uffizi Gallery's new archaeological exhibition: Pecunia non olet. The Bankers of Ancient Rome, housed in new rooms on the ground floor of the museum until 17 September 2023.

With over 50 works from Italian and European museums and important private collections, the exhibition is divided into five sections. It recounts the economic evolution from primitive Roman society, characterised by a pre-monetary economy, to that of republican and then imperial Rome, a period in which the various figures active in Roman banking became established: first the argentarii, followed by the coactores, coactores argentarii and nummulari (late 1st BC - second half of 2nd AD).

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