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Shows | From 25/09/2023 to 29/09/2023

Apocalypse in Boboli. Visions from the Book of John

Apocalypse in Boboli. Visions from the Book of John

From 27 to 30 September, Biblical Revelation becomes a great show

From 27 September, for four days, the Boboli Gardens will be transformed into the theatre of a great performance marked by the contamination of the most diverse performing arts, from theatre to circus arts, from music to dance, from installations to horse performances, in a mélange of languages and contaminations between genres declined in a contemporary key, directed by Riccardo Massai.

“Apocalypse in Boboli. Visions from the Book of John” is the result of the collaboration between the Uffizi Galleries, the Archètipo Cultural Association and Elsinor Centro di Produzione Teatrale. Structured in a six-stage narration, the performance event involves over 100 artists including actors, musicians, dancers and performers for a contemporary reinterpretation of the biblical Apocalypse that aims to reveal the conflicting nature inherent in the concept of the end of the world, involving the spectators in the performance and giving life to a sort of contemporary ritual. The contrast between the harmonious, geometric spaces of the Boboli Gardens and the chaotic whirlwind of the biblical narration becomes emblematic of the chaos-order binomial.

The performance of "Apocalypse at Boboli" will be held from Wednesday 27 to Saturday 30 September, every day from 2 to 5.30 pm. A full rehearsal open to the public will be held on the afternoon of the 26th, at the same times. Viewing of the show is free of charge with the purchase of an entrance ticket to Boboli (valid only for the selected day). Please note that the ordinary admission rules apply, as well as the possible gratuities and reductions.

For any specific information on tickets, accessibility, warnings on contents, signposted routes, please refer to the complete booklet of the show attached.

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