More than 30 works at the Uffizi, including sculptures of baby gods, games and toys from thousands of years ago

'Action figures', toys and games from thousands of years ago, sculptures of divinities represented in their infancy, works placed at child height to meet the needs of the youngest visitors. Child-friendly. Growing-up in ancient Rome is the new archaeological exhibition at the Uffizi, which addresses a hitherto unexplored theme in an innovative way. Over thirty works of art describe different moments in the daily life of children during the Roman Empire. Birth, rites of passage to adulthood, school, entertainment, relationships with animals and fears are just some of the subjects epitomized by statues, sarcophagi, reliefs and everyday objects. 




Child-friendly. Growing-up in ancient Rome

Uffizi Gallery (exhibition spaces of the Prints and Drawings Cabinet)

23 November 2021 - 24 April 2022

Curated by Lorenza Camin and Fabrizio Paolucci

Limitation of access

We wish to inform visitors that the exhibition entitled “Child-friendly. Growing up in ancient Rome" is accessible only from the Grand Ducal Staircase. The elevators are not accessible. It is otherwise possible to reach the second floor first by using the elevator located in the Vasari Auditorium, and then go down to the exhibition floor through the Grand Ducal Staircase.

We apologize for the inconvenience. The limitation is due to the area’s refurbishment and conservation works in progress, which is essential to make the museum more visitor-friendly.

Admission with the Uffizi ticket

The exhibition closes at 6pm