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Special Events | 25/05/2019

26 May free admission to the Uffizi

26 May free admission to the Uffizi

In commemoration of the Georgofili massacre

On the 26th of May the Uffizi will dedicate the whole day to the commemoration of the Georgofili bombing occurred in the night between the 26th and the 27th of May 1993, in which five people died, symbolic places of Florence were destroyed and several artworks of the Uffizi were irreparably damaged.

The admission to the Uffizi will be free all day long as a sign to remember that tragic event and enhance the value of Legality. Every year, indeed, the memorial day in Florence, and in particular at the Uffizi, is an occasion to commemorate and stress the symbolic importance of cultural heritage, justice and respect for the law.


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