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Domitia Longina, wife of Emperor Domitian: a powerful woman

Video in Italian | The story of a powerful woman told by Novella Lapini

Domitia Longina (53c. - 128 A.D.) was the wife of the Emperor Domitian, a woman of great charm and personality. She has been generally portrayed with an aquiline nose, almond-shaped eyes, full lips and a wig made of high curls on her forehead.
Born of a noble family, Domitia soon entered the Roman elite, becoming a central figure at the Imperial court.
She was also venerated as the Mother of Divine Caesar.
Suetonius, however, says that she was caught in adulterous relations with the pantomime Paris, with whom she would betray her husband Emperor.
It seems she was also involved in the conspiracy against her husband. False accusations? Domitia, however, remained one of the most revered women in Rome even in subsequent dynasties.

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