A tour specifically conceived for blind and visually-impaired visitors to discover original statues by touch

The Uffizi by touch tour is currently under review and will be soon available with new captions in Braille, high readable characters and totally renewed signage.

At the moment, visitors are however allowed to touch the works but only if provided with disposable gloves handed out at the Ticket Office of the Uffizi (Gate 2, ground floor)

Visitors with visual impairments are eligible for free admission upon presentation of adequate documents at the ticket office of the Gallery of the Statues and Paintings of the Uffizi. Besides, they will be provided with a pair of disposable latex gloves with which they are allowed to touch the sculptures so as to feel the main features of the material and discover the relationship between the “solids” and “voids” of the artwork.

Nearby every artwork are some supports with panels both in English and Italian, accessible both to blind and to partially sighted visitors. The braille texts have been printed by Stamperia Braille of Tuscany. The contrast of print which aims at easing the texts’ readibility has been realized with the support of the Education Department of the “Italian Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted”. The text in braille, printed on a transparent sheet, may be lifted from the support so as to ease the reading for partially sighted visitors too. The stands which support the panels are easily recognizable.


Below is the updated list of the artworks included in the tour:

Sarcophagus with the Triumph of Bacchus

First corridor
Helios Caesar

Second Corridor
Sleeping cupid in black marble
Pseudo-ancient Homer
She-wolf in porphyry

Third Corridor

Room of the inscriptions
Funerary altar
Sleeping Cupid
Sarcophagus with hunting scene
Sarcophagus with the rape of Leucippides

Room 10-14
S. Botticelli, Birth of Venus

Room 36 of Hermaphrodite

Room 42 of Niobe

Niobide inginocchiato

Niobide morente


Mandatory booking




+39 055 2388617 (mon, wed, fri: 9.30am-1pm | tue, thu: 9.30am-1pm, 3pm-5pm)


Free admission. Persons with disabilities are entitled by law to free priority access for themselves and for a companion (only if specified in their certificate)

Visually Impaired