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Uffizi by touch

Uffizi by touch

At the Uffizi, a route for the visually impaired offers the opportunity to autonomously touch some original sculptures from the Medici collection.

'Uffizi by touch' is a tactile journey that includes 15 original sculptures from the Medici family's archaeology collection.

It is designed to be enjoyed independently through a tactile orientation map that is provided free of charge at the ticket office together with a pair of gloves to be worn during the experience. The gloves are disposable and made of hypoallergenic material.

Each work is accompanied by captions in Braille and with enlarged characters for the visually impaired, both in Italian and English.

The sculptures on the list are located along the corridors of the Gallery on the second floor and in the Niobe Hall, and were selected for their archaeological interest and their tactile qualities. They are actually protected by spacers that can be removed by contacting the security personnel.

The Gallery staff is always available for any dedicated assistance, but you can also write to uffiziaccessibili@cultura.gov.it for any information on the route and for museum reception.

List of the works

1.    Molossian Dogs, marble, Roman Art 1st-2nd century A.D. – Uffizi entrance

2.    Portrait of Nero, marble, Roman Art 54-68 A.D. – First Corridor

3.    Domizia, marble, Roman Art late 1st century A.D. – First Corridor

4.    Sleeping Love, black marble, Renaissance Art 16th century – Second Corridor

5.    Bust of the so-called Homer, grey marble, Renaissance Art 16th century – Second Corridor

6.    Roman Wolf, porphyry, Roman Art first half of 2nd century A.D. – Second Corridor

7.    Bust of Caracalla, marble, Roman Art early 3rd century A.D. – Third Corridor

8.    Head of Diadumenus, black basalt (hair), antique yellow marble (head, neck, chest), Roman Art 1st century A.D. – Third Corridor

9.    Portrait of Diadumenus, so-called Geta, marble, Roman Art ca. 217 A.D. - Third Corridor

10. Niobe Hall 1779 – Third Corridor

11. Kneeling Niobe, marble, Roman Art 2nd century A.D. – Niobe Hall Third Corridor

12. Dying Niobe, marble, Roman Art 2nd century A.D. – Niobe Hall Third Corridor

13. So-called Sarchofagus 'of the General', marble, Roman Art 160-180 A.D. – Niobe Hall Third Corridor

14 . Head of the so-called Prince of Syria, marble, Roman Art mid 2nd century A.D. – Third Corridor

15.   Unknown head on herm, marble, Roman Art 240-250 A.D. – Third Corridor

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