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Dante Illustrated. Paradiso

  • Dante Illustrated. Paradiso

    La Divina Commedia illustrata da Federico Zuccari

    Dante Illustrated. Paradiso
  • 1/12

    English version is upcoming.

  • 2/12
    First Heaven, or that of the Moon. Piccarda Donati and Empress Constance

    Paradiso, Canto III

    GDSU inv. 3550 F

    Such as through polished and transparent glass,
    Or waters crystalline and undisturbed,
    But not so deep as that their bed be lost,

    Come back again the outlines of our faces
    So feeble, that a pearl on forehead white
    Comes not less speedily unto our eyes;

    Such saw I many faces prompt to speak,
    So that I ran in error opposite
    To that which kindled love 'twixt man and fountain. 

  • 3/12
    Second Heaven, or that of Mercury: Justinian

    Paradiso, Canto VI

    GDSU inv. 3551 F

    English version is upcoming.

    As, in a fish-pond which is pure and tranquil,
    The fishes draw to that which from without
    Comes in such fashion that their food they deem it;

    So I beheld more than a thousand splendours
    Drawing towards us, and in each was heard:
    "Lo, this is she who shall increase our love."

  • 4/12
    Third Heaven, or that of Venus: Charles Martel, Cunizza da Romano and Folchetto of Marseille

    Paradiso, Canti VIII-IX

    GDSU inv. 3552 F


    English version is upcoming.

    And as within a flame a spark is seen,
    And as within a voice a voice discerned,
    When one is steadfast, and one comes and goes,

    Within that light beheld I other lamps
    Move in a circle, speeding more and less,
    Methinks in measure of their inward vision. 


  • 5/12
    Fourth Heaven, or that of the Sun: St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Buonaventura of Bagnoregio

    Paradiso, Canti X-XII

    GDSU inv. 3553 F


    English version is upcoming.

    Lights many saw I, vivid and triumphant,
    Make us a centre and themselves a circle,
    More sweet in voice than luminous in aspect.

    Thus girt about the daughter of Latona
    We sometimes see, when pregnant is the air,
    So that it holds the thread which makes her zone.

    Within the court of Heaven, whence I return,
    Are many jewels found, so fair and precious
    They cannot be transported from the realm;

    And of them was the singing of those lights.
    Who takes not wings that he may fly up thither,
    The tidings thence may from the dumb await! 


  • 6/12
    Fifth Heaven, or that of Mars: the blessed form a Celestial Cross

    Paradiso, Canto XIV

    GDSU inv. 3554 F


    English version is upcoming.

    Even as distinct with less and greater lights
    Glimmers between the two poles of the world
    The Galaxy that maketh wise men doubt,

    Thus constellated in the depths ot Mars,
    Those rays described the venerable sign
    That quadrants joining in a circle make.

    Here doth my memory overcome my genius;
    For on that cross as levin gleamed forth Christ,
    So that I cannot find ensample worthy;

    But he who takes his cross and follows Christ
    Again will pardon me what I omit,
    Seeing in that aurora lighten Christ.

    From horn to horn, and 'twixt the top and base,
    Lights were in motion, brightly scintillating
    As they together met and passed each other;

  • 7/12
    Sixth Heaven, or that of Jupiter: the blessed form some letters and then an eagle

    Paradiso, Canto XVIII

    GDSU inv. 3555 F


    English version is upcoming.

    Within that Jovial torch did I behold
    The sparkling of the love which was therein
    Delineate our language to mine eyes.

    And even as birds uprisen from the shore,
    As in congratulation o'er their food,
    Make squadrons of themselves, now round, now long,

    So from within those lights the holy creatures
    Sang flying to and fro, and in their figures
    Made of themselves now D, now I, now L.

    First singing they to their own music moved;
    Then one becoming of these characters,
    A little while they rested and were silent.

    O divine Pegasea, thou who genius
    Dost glorious make, and render it long-lived,
    And this through thee the cities and the kingdoms,

    Illume me with thyself, that I may bring
    Their figures out as I have them conceived!
    Apparent be thy power in these brief verses!

    Themselves then they displayed in five times seven
    Vowels and consonants; and I observed
    The parts as they seemed spoken unto me.

    Diligite justitiam, these were
    First verb and noun of all that was depicted;
    Qui judicatis terram were the last. 

  • 8/12
    Seventh Heaven, or that of Saturn: the Celestial Stairway

    Paradiso, Canto XXI

    GDSU inv. 3556 F


    English version is upcoming.

    Thou blessed life that dost remain concealed
    In thy beatitude, make known to me
    The cause which draweth thee so near my side;

    And tell me why is silent in this wheel
    The dulcet symphony of Paradise,
    That through the rest below sounds so devoutly."

    "Thou hast thy hearing mortal as thy sight,"
    It answer made to me; "they sing not here,
    For the same cause that Beatrice has not smiled.

    Thus far adown the holy stairway's steps
    Have I descended but to give thee welcome
    With words, and with the light that mantles me;

    Nor did more love cause me to be more ready,
    For love as much and more up there is burning,
    As doth the flaming manifest to thee.

    But the high charity, that makes us servants
    Prompt to the counsel which controls the world,
    Allotteth here, even as thou dost observe."

    "I see full well," said I, "O sacred lamp!
    How love unfettered in this court sufficeth
    To follow the eternal Providence;

    But this is what seems hard for me to see,
    Wherefore predestinate wast thou alone
    Unto this office from among thy consorts."

  • 9/12
    Eighth circle, or that of the Fixed Stars: Dante contemplates his journey

    Paradiso, Canto XXII, vv. 148-154

    GDSU inv. 3557 F


    English version is upcoming.

    Thou hadst not thrust thy finger in the fire
    And drawn it out again, before I saw
    The sign that follows Taurus, and was in it.

    O glorious stars, O light impregnated
    With mighty virtue, from which I acknowledge
    All of my genius, whatsoe'er it be.

    With you was born, and hid himself with you,
    He who is father of all mortal life,
    When first I tasted of the Tuscan air;

    And then when grace was freely given to me
    To enter the high wheel which turns you round,
    Your region was allotted unto me.

  • 10/12
    Eighth circle, or that of the Fixed Stars: St. Peter examines Dante upon Faith

    Paradiso, Canti XXIII-XXIV

    GDSU inv. 3558 F


    English version is upcoming.

    "Why doth my face so much enamour thee,
    That to the garden fair thou turnest not.
    Which under the rays of Christ is blossoming?

    There is the Rose in which the Word Divine
    Became incarnate; there the lilies are
    By whose perfume the good way was discovered."

    Thus Beatrice; and I, who to her counsels
    Was wholly ready, once again betook me
    Unto the battle of the feeble brows.

  • 11/12
    Eighth circle, or that of the Fixed Stars: St. James examines Dante upon Hope and Charity. Adam hovering high in the air

    Paradiso, Canti XXV-XXVII

    GDSU inv. 3559 F


    English version is upcoming.

    Thereafterward towards us moved a light
    Out of that band whence issued the first-fruits
    Which of his vicars Christ behind him left.

    And then my Lady, full of ecstasy,
    Said unto me: "Look, look! behold the Baron
    For whom below Galicia is frequented."

  • 12/12
    Tenth Heaven, or Empyrean

    Paradiso, Canti XXVIII, XXX-XXXIII

    GDSU inv. 3560 F



    English version is upcoming.

    With voice and gesture of a perfect leader
    She recommenced: "We from the greatest body
    Have issued to the heaven that is pure light;

    Light intellectual replete with love,
    Love of true good replete with ecstasy,
    Ecstasy that transcendeth every sweetness.

    Here shalt thou see the one host and the other
    Of Paradise, and one in the same aspects
    Which at the final judgment thou shalt see." 

Dante Illustrated. Paradiso

La Divina Commedia illustrata da Federico Zuccari

English version is upcoming.

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