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Loading: Dante Illustrated. Inferno
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Dante's portrait
Inferno. The drawings
 "The forest dark"
The Gate of Hell. The Indifferent
Charon. The Earthquake and the Swoon
The first circle. The descent to Limbo
First circle. The Noble Castle of Philosophy
First circle. Elysian Fields
Second circle. The Wanton. Minos. Paolo and Francesca
Third circle. The Gluttonous. Cerberus
Fourth circle. The Avaricious and the Prodigal
Fifth circle. Styx. The Irascible and the Sullen
Fifth circle. Phlegyas and Filippo Argenti
The City of Dis
The City of Dis and the Angel
Sixth circle. Heresiarchs. Farinata degli Uberti and Cavalcante de’ Cavalcanti
Seventh circle. The Violent against their Neighbours. The Centaurs
Seventh circle. Suicides
Seventh circle. Violent against God and Violent against Nature. Brunetto Latini
Seventh circle. Violent against Nature and Violent against Art
Eighth circle, Malebolge. First bolgia: Seducers and Panders
Eighth circle, second Bolgia: the Flatterers. Third Bolgia: the Simoniacs. Nicholas III
Eighth circle, fourth Bolgia: Soothsayers. Fifth Bolgia: Peculators
Eighth circle, fifth Bolgia: Peculators. The savage company
Eighth circle, sixth Bolgia: Hypocrites. Caiaphas
Eighth circle, seventh Bolgia: Thieves. Vanni Fucci
Eighth circle, eighth Bolgia: Evil Counsellors. Ulysses and Diomed. Ninth Bolgia: Nona bolgia: Schismatics
Eighth circle, tenth Bolgia: Alchemists, Falsifiers and Forgers
Ninth circle: The Giants
Ninth circle. Lucifer

Dante Illustrated. Inferno


Translation of Dante's text by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


The texts in quotation marks are excerpts from Dante, which refer to the depicted subjects. The texts in italics are the translations of the title blocks Zuccari himself has often inserted in his drawings.