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Itineraries | 10/05/2019

Factories of Stories

Factories of Stories

Multicultural story telling at the Uffizi

Twelve Uffizi’s masterpieces narrated in audio-tracks, offer the public an unusual vision of the works, along with the museum as an inexhaustible “workshop” of stories.

The storytellers of Factories of Stories are museum operators and foreigner citizens living in Italy, who have intertwined their experience with the history of the works, giving them new meanings and connotations. 

You can listen the stories in Italian and in their original language (Arabic, Farsi, Mandarin, French and Spanish) during the museum visit with any mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and earphones.

Factories of Stories is for everyone: tourists, frequent visitors and people entering the museum for the first time, such as people following the museum online thanks to the HyperVision Factories of Stories.

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