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Exhibitions | From 16/07/2018 to 17/11/2018

Tracce 2018

Tracce 2018

Letting fashion drive you

The “selection” of garments and accessories in Traces 2018. Letting fashion drive you is based on the same formula as last year’s edition: traces left by modern sculptures and painting alongside an itinerary devoted to fashion in a series of fast-paced juxtapositions, some of them natural and logical, some of them shocking
and conflicting, between textile artworks from the Museo della moda e del costume, sculptures and paintings from the Modern Art Gallery’s collections. Some of them conjure up purely evocative images, others fuel mutually intriguing dialogue. But this time the garments come chiefly from daily life, pret-à-porter wear, some of which was even manufactured in series rather than exclusively as unique one-of-a-kind pieces.
The sections have been indicated with brief flashes taken from a broader dictionary of verbs of action, nouns or simple attributes. Only the first room retains its colours of nature - flowers from the previous selection, just as the paintings on the walls in this room and in the two rooms before the entrance are unchanged, thus imparting a sense of continuity, almost as though it were a second chapter unfolding through the rooms, occasionally in a peaceful and seemingly understated manner, but in reality the whole tour moves forward in flowing, linear fashion. In conjunction with the Elegance of Speed, Photographs from the Archivio Locchi show currently on at Palazzo Pitti, we have put together a small corollary in the section devoted to the passion for travelling, the means of transport and the etiquette of fashion that drives us even in that situation, just as it should drive us on every occasion, prompting us never to trade caring for our appearance even for the practicality and usefulness of clothing designed for the purpose, but always to allow time for taste and style.

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