Open from 29th May at the Uffizi

From May 29, 14 rooms dedicated to the sixteenth-century painting are opened to visitors. A wide sector of the first floor of the Gallery has been carefully arranged in order to enhance the artworks gathered here.  105 works, above all masterpieces of the 16th- and 17th-century Venetian and Florentine art,  can be admired and rediscovered - since a third of them had not been on view for some time. A proper "second, new museum inside the Gallery" - as Director Eike Schmidt has said - which boasts names like Titian, Vasari, Bronzino, Veronese, Lorenzo Lotto... This new imposing arrangement has been made possible also thanks to a generous donation from the Friends of the Uffizi Galleries.

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Cinquecento venetoCinquecento venetoCinquecento fiorentinoRitratti mediceiSala del PilastroLa madonna del Popolo di Federico Baroccida sinistra a destra: Ritratto della 'Fornarina' di Sebastiano del Piombo, la Venere di Urbino e Flora di Tiziano


Uffizi - First Floor

8.15 -  6.50 

Closure starts from 6.35 pm