At Pitti Palace until 3rd June, the temporary exhibition of great artist Maria Lai, whose privileged subject - the thread - combines ancient traditions from Sardinia with contemporary art

“Millenniums of looms’ threads are behind me”. Carried on for 70 years, Maria Lai’s artistic research is rooted in her homeland, Sardinia, though confronting itself with the most contemporary languages: innovation and tradition intertwine to give life to an original “weft”. From “Looms” to “Sewn Canvases”, from “Geographies” to “Writings” and “Books”, the starting point is always the thread women from her island have been working with for centuries, always making the same identical gestures, which symbolizes the relationships between people, the re-binding of broken ties but also a projection into infinity: “I always look for cosmic spaces, skies, extremely faraway though tactile spaces. The spaces I look for are not confined within a surface but they are rather beyond surface itself”. On the #InternationalWomensDay the Uffizi pay homage to the artist by inaugurating at #PittiPalace the exhibition “Maria Lai. The Thread and the Infinite”, open to visitors until 3rd June 2018.

I poeti lavorano nel buio 1991Geografia 2010


Andito degli Angiolini - Pitti Palace

8.15 - 18.00