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Exhibitions | From 12/01/2010 to 30/03/2013

Fashion: similarities and differences

Fashion: similarities and differences

The evolution of fashion tastes and trends throughout history

The exhibition organised at the Costume Gallery in Palazzo Pitti, this time does not present the clothes and accessories in chronological order, but rather matches them according to the similarities or differences between them. In this way, the visitor is able to discover the affinities between the various clothes and accessories from different periods, due to revivals of past tastes and styles.  

The exhibition offers a more visual than historical approach, and compares the forms, which have been proposed throughout history, with the clothes made in different eras, which in some cases show similarities, and in others are in stark contrast. For example, a rich and elegant Ferrè creation, is compared with an eighteenth century andrienne dress, or another Ferrè dress, with clean lines, is juxtaposed with an empire style dress.

According to this logic of parallelism between creations, fashion and tastes, garments from the 1950s and 1970s are compared with two works by Mariano Fortuny.

The exhibition highlights how different cuts of women's clothing subjected the body image to constant metamorphosis and also how social conditions influenced stylistic trends.

The aim was also to extend this lively alternation of similarities and differences to the relationship between the garments and the artistic furnishings, specifically the paintings, generously loaned by the Gallery of Modern Art.

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