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Una mujer escultora: Rebeca Matte

Video in Spanish | Sus figuras de mujeres gráciles, delicadas, sus manos lánguidas son el grito silencioso que se ahoga en cuerpos que yacen inútilmente derrotados ante la mirada resignada de quien las mira

Today we enter the world of a sculptress: Rebeca Matte. Her figures of graceful and delicate women, their languid hands, which try in vain to break down the walls, to touch the sky, to hide their faces, are the silent scream suffocated in bodies lying uselessly defeated before the resigned gaze of those who watch them. Life and death, deeply intertwined in the singular journey of an exquisite spirit that has tried to express all the dimension of her solitude with extreme delicacy, allowing us to contemplate it in respectful silence.

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