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The water lily

Video in Italian | A wonderful flowering of water lilies in the Boboli Garden's Aquarium

There is a flower in nature that does not need soil to grow.

It lives immersed in water like nymphs, mythological creatures that inhabited lakes or springs, deities linked to the element of water from which the water lily takes its name.

The water lily is a perennial aquatic plant that develops completely in immersion, to bloom on the surface with its fleshy petals.
The rustic variety floats on the surface of the water, the tropical variety can also rise in the air.

A gardener of the Boboli Gardens shows us a wonderful flowering of water lilies at the Upper Botany Garden, in the middle of the Aquarium, the old basin built to allow their cultivation.
Although growing in dark and muddy waters, these flowers with their white petals have always been an emblem of infinite purity.

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