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The usurers: Reginaldo degli Scrovegni

Circle VII, Ring III. "The violent against art" are those who operated aginst work and honest jobs protected by God. They crouch down under a rain of fire carrying around their necks a bag with their families' coat of arms depicted on them

"What dost thou in this moat?
Now get thee gone; and since thou 'rt still alive,
⁠Know that a neighbor of mine, Vitaliano,
⁠Will have his seat here on my left-hand side.
A Paduan am I with these Florentines; 
⁠Full many a time they thunder in mine ears,
⁠Exclaiming, 'Come the sovereign cavalier,
He who shall bring the satchel with three goats'".

Inferno, XVII 66 – 73

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