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The Uffizi Secrets

Video in Italian | A stroll across the depots

Don't call them deposits nor basements either!
One may think of the Uffizi deposits as dusty cellars with works of art piled up without a name and devoured by large families of xylophagous insects!
Nothing is more wrong! It is a cutting-edge "logistic center", where works are preserved in excellent climatic conditions and total safety above the level of the Arno River. Paradoxically, here the works have a more dynamic circulation than the works on view in the permanent collection, because they are often moved to temporarily replace artworks under restoration or on loan to exhibitions.
On the walls of these premises is part of the gorgeous collection of the Self-portraits of the Uffizi, formerly on view in the renowned Vasari Corridor where they however suffered from climatic changes that risked to damage them. Soon, they will be on diplay again in newly arranged rooms of the permanent collection of the Uffizi.  


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