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The traitors to their country: Bocca degli Abati

Circle IX circle, Antenora region. Those who made an agreement with enemies against their own party or country - as the Trojan Antenor did with the Achaeans and Bocca degli Abati did with the Guelphs - are forced to be stuck in the frozen Lake of Cocytus with their heads up high so that an icy wind can cause them even more pain.

"Begone," replied he, "and tell what thou wilt,
⁠But be not silent, if thou issue hence,
⁠Of him who had just now his tongue so prompt;
He weepeth here the silver of the French;
⁠'I saw,' thus canst thou phrase it, 'him of Duera
⁠There where the sinners stand out in the cold.'
If thou shouldst questioned be who else was there,
⁠Thou hast beside thee him of Beccaria,
⁠Of whom the gorget Florence slit asunder;
Gianni del Soldanier, I think, may be
⁠Yonder with Ganellon, and Tebaldello
⁠Who oped Faenza when the people slept."

Inferno, XXXII, 112-23.

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