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The Pantry by Jacopo Chimenti

English subtitles | Tuscan butcher Dario Cecchini opens up the door of his kitchen to illustrate one of the wonders of Florentine cuisine: the rib-eye steak

What was usually eaten in Florence in the seventeenth century?
Game and meat were the dishes on the tables that Jacopo Chimenti, known as Empoli (1551 - 1640) was skilled in painting.
The most famous dish of Florentine cuisine is probably the steak. The "Florentine steak" is a particular type of meat cutting that is not eaten elsewhere in the world, and whose cooking time is extremely short!
Renowned butcher of Chianti and "poet of the steak", Dario Cecchini tells about the sacred ritual of cooking the Florentine steak on the great fire, archetype and primaeval element.

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