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The Madonna of the Grand Duke by Raphael illustrated in Latin

Video in Latin | Alessandro Muscillo illustrates in Latin how this masterpiece remains invisible to the eyes and how it turned out to be also...miracolous

The famous Madonna, depicted in her most traditional colors, emerges from the darkness with her son in her arms: among the golden and bright colors of the Sala di Saturno in the Palatine Gallery, Raphael's realistic depiction of “Madonna del Granduca” certainly stands out.

In fact, an extraordinary preparatory drawing, also in our collections, demonstrates that the artist created this artwork only after numerous variations experimenting with the direction of the gazes, the setting of arms and legs, the background and even the shape of the support. In addition, the radiographs conducted on the painting revealed that, originally, the two figures stood out against an architectural backdrop, later obscured by Raphael himself or by his successors.

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