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Susanna and the Elders by Lorenzo Lotto

Video in Italian | The Old Testament's episode in the painting by the Venetian master

Do you know the Biblical episode of Susanna?

Joacim's faithful bride was threatened by two elderly guests of her husband, the so-called "Elders".

While the woman goes to the garden of her house to take a bath in a tub away from prying eyes, the two elderly guests follow her in an attempt to harass her. In the aftermath of Susanna's refusal, the two old men unjustly accuse her of adultery, in front of the two servants who had come to help her.

Lorenzo Lotto's extraordinary painting recreates the scene by depicting the private space of the bathroom and showing exquisite details of costume and fashion of his time such as the curious green shoes of the woman with odd 'wedge' heels!

A painted story that illustrates with a female voice the lively narrative power of the great Venetian artist.

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