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New acquisition of ancient statues

Video in Italian | The Uffizi Galleries renew their old tradition of purchasing ancient statues to enhance their renowned collection

Not everyone knows that the Uffizi Galleries boast one of the largest collections of ancient statues in Italy.
The collection represents the dawn of the Florentine museum, since the very first works to be put on display in the Uffizi Gallery already in the 16th century, were indeed the most beautiful pieces from the collection of ancient Roman statues purchased by Grand Duke Cosimo I de'Medici.
A heritage that is the result of five centuries of collecting, carried out first by the Medici family and then by the Habsburg-Lorraine one.

The Uffizi Galleries have today recovered the tradition - interrupted for decades - of purchasing ancient marbles: here is for example a statue coming from the 18th-century Villa Pianciani in Umbria.

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