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Joseph Beuys

Video in Italian | A complex artist in between sciamanic art and magical and ritual beliefs

Joseph Beuys is a complex artist, bearer of a shamanic art accompanied by a set of magical-ritual beliefs and practices referring to the principle of being.
His biographical history is characterized by a shocking traumatic event: a plane crash in Crimea during the Second World War. However, it was an event with a lucky and happy ending, thanks to a tribe of Tartar nomads who took care of Joseph's body while he was suspended between life and death.
Yet from that experience another man was born, the shaman artist Joseph Beuys, capable of communicating with animals, a perfect link between man and nature.
During his trip to the United States, the artist stayed in a cage with a coyote in the attempt to reconcile with the indigenous wolf, the first native of America.
In the self-portrait of the Uffizi, a black and white photograph from the 1970s, there is all the poetics of a multifaceted artist.

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