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Harpy and the hanged man

Circle VII, Ring II. In the forest of suicides, the Harpies tear apart the "violent against themselves" and the profligates

“O Jacopo,”it said,”of Sant’ Andrea,
What helped it thee of me to make a screen ?
What blame have I in thy nefarious life ?”
When near him had the Master stayed his steps,
He said: “Who wast thou, that through wounds so many
Art blowing out with blood thy dolorous speech ?”
And he to us: “O souls, that hither come
To look upon the shameful massacre
That has so rent away from me my leaves,
Gather them up beneath the dismal bush;
I of that city was which to the Baptist
Changed its first patron, wherefore he for this
Forever with his art will make it sad.
And were it not that on the pass of Arno
Some glimpses of him are remaining still,
Those citizens, who afterwards rebuilt it
Upon the ashes left by Attila,
In vain had caused their labour to be done.
Of my own house I made myself a gibbet.”

Inferno, XIII, 133-35; 139-51
Transl. by H.W. Longfellow

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