The Restoration Department preserves the records concerning the conservation of the artistic and historic heritage of the Museums and the territory from 1984 to date, in relation to its periods of jurisdiction.

It stores and allows fruition of certain special collections, consisting of photographic and paper archives, received as donations, such as the Guglielmo Galli and Leonetto Tintori collections. It hosts objects, scientific instruments, photographic plates, prints and artworks belonging to the Vermehren donation, which represents one of the first examples of “restoration museum”.

It produces, collects and organises administrative acts concerning the conservation of works of art. It preserves,  files and updates curricula sent by external restorers.

It promotes and coordinates research, information and development initiatives in the conservation and restoration fields, in collaboration with the Restoration Laboratory.

It ensures consultation of the restoration archive by the public, providing guidance and assistance.


Opening hours for the public

The archive is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays by appointment.



Ufficio Restauri (Restoration Department)

Via Lambertesca 6, 50122 Firenze

Phone: (+39) 055 2388664