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Wednesday (9 am-1.30 pm)

The opening complies with anti-Covid19 measures. At the entrance, visitors have to show their Green Pass (Covid certificate) or vaccination certificate or negative result of a rapid antigen-test alternatively, as per Legislative Decree 23 July 2021, no. 105.



Admission is allowed by appointment only. To make an appointment, please write to indicating the chosen dayand specifying the time slot scheduled to stay in the Consultation Room (for example: Wednesday, 9am-11am).



Admission is allowed only via the Reception located under the external colonnade of the Uffizi next to the Vasari Auditoriumwhere the Uffizi staff is charged with taking the visitors' body temperature (which needs to be < 37.5 °C or 99.5°F).

Admission is allowed to 1 person at a timewho is expected to show his or her ID card to the reception desk and then sign the attendance register in the Consultation Room. Please find a hand sanitizer gel at the entrance. The use of face masks and gloves is mandatory. Only the Archive’s staff provided with face masks is in charge of handing in the requested material.

Once consulted, the material will be locked down for at least 7 days within a special room and will not therefore be available again for the following 7 days. 

Additional anti-epidemic measures apply within the Uffizi Galleries, that is, mandatory interpersonal distance of at least 1,80m; mandatory use of face masks; no gatherings; no admission in case of a fever above 37.5°C (or 99.5°F). The Uffizi Galleries’ staff may thus take visitors’ temperature or ask them to self-certify their health condition. Frequent handwashing is recommended.



Piazzale degli Uffizi, 50122 Firenze

+39 055 2388758 | +39 055 2388815