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Why support the Uffizi Galleries? The Uffizi Galleries are one of the most important museums in the world: full of the energy that animates the society around them, they are an eternal testament to our history.

Each contribution helps our Museums to carry out its role of conservation and protection with more serenity and promptness, opening the doors to this beautiful world created by its great heritage.
By supporting us, you are providing the spark for a great initiative to expand beyond the material borders of a Museum, helping us to integrate more closely with society and increasing both the number of visitor services as well as providing additional resources for cataloguing activities, restoration work and scientific research.
Your support will also help us to achieve some important objectives earlier than planned, providing a tangible mark of your civil commitment and the trust you place in our abilities.



A) All donors, be they private citizens or legal entities, may contribute through the link to the Art Bonus tax credit introduced by the Law No. 106/2014 in order to support three conservation projects concerning Uffizi Galleries' artworks:

Restoration of an oil on canvas attributed to Annibale Carracci and featuring St. John the Baptist in glory

B)  To donate 0.5% of your tax income to support the Uffizi Galleries' activities, please visit the official website of MIBACT (Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism) where you can get all the necessary information about payment methods.                     

Tax identification number to support the Uffizi Galleries: 94251640481                          




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