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Mandatory use of headphones for groups of 6 people or more

Starting from 11th October 2021 all the groups consisting of 6 people or more (including their guides or accompanying persons) must be provided with headphones so as to allow guides to speak as much as possible in a low voice with due regard to the museum's premises. The obligation does not concern the Boboli Gardens, but concerns visitors with the combined ticket Pitti Palace-Boboli Gardens. It is recommended that guides distribute audioguides equipped with the whisper auriocular system before entering the museum to avoid obstacles to the flow of incoming streams. It should be noted that audioguides should be subjected to metal detector check on tape. Those without whisper auriocular system can rent them inside the museums.

School groups are also obliged to use headphones, both those in the daily maximum number of groups allowed and those entering as individuals, as per the Regulation and taking into account the exceptions already foreseen. Accompanying teachers are, in this case, considered tourist guides. Only if teachers are not willing to give a guided tour or explanations during their visit, the use of headphones is not mandatory. In this case, teachers can fill in the specific renunciation form available at the ticket office and attached herebelow.

Obligation does not concern:

- children until the end of primary school;

- persons with disabilities;

- institutional visits;

- school groups assisted by the staff of the Uffizi Galleries' School and Youth Department;

- groups from universities authorised by the Director for study purposes;

- groups following learning methods based on mutual exchanges between the participants, prior to specific authorisation by the Director after submitting a detailed request to ga-uff.segreteria@cultura.gov.it (no less than 14 days before the date of the visit);

- children under 8 belonging to groups of more than 6 persons taking part to family-oriented activities organised by the Education Department of the Uffizi Galleries;

- students who are part of school groups of all levels taking part to activities organised by the School and Youth Department of the Uffizi Galleries.

The Uffizi Galleries are not responsible for any waiting time or lack of access to the museum if the groups are not equipped with such devices in advance.


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