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Announcements | 10/05/2024

Uffizi: museum life never stops!

The life of the museum never stops even when the doors are closed to visitors. The conservation of works, for example, requires constant care and attention: in fact, 'restoration' must be the last resort, the last act, where indispensable, of a series of routine actions that range from inspecting the state of health of the work, to activities such as dusting or light cleaning. These are all operations that can take place directly in the museum rooms, behind closed doors.

Info on eventual closed spaces

However, the museum's task is also to 'think' about the setting up of the works and environments: our effort is therefore to offer the visitor an itinerary that is always stimulating, ever-changing, and that highlights the multiple relationships between art and the gallery environments, the history of art, the history of the museum, collecting, and the city.
This is why the Uffizi are changing again, because it is their nature to be constantly updating and transforming

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